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Our team ensures that any potential blemishes on the title to the property have been brought to your attention and that any deficiencies can be repaired before you complete the transaction.

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White and Blue Title team works with realtors, brokerages, buyers, sellers, and investors to provide our clients with a better closing experience. Find out how we cooperate with each party involved.

Real Estate Real Estate

The brokers’ perspective

Solutions For Brokers

As a mortgage broker, you need a partner who can supply you with perfect, accurate services so that all parties involved have a seamless closing. Read More

The realtors’ perspective

Solutions For Realtors

We're aware that closings can quickly turn from an exciting to a rather stressful event. With that in mind, the White and Blue Title team strives to ease the process for realtors and allow them to focus on what they do best - sell properties.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us and determine your level of engagement.

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Realtors Realtors
Buyers Buyers

The buyers’ perspective

Solutions For Buyers

Purchasing your home is nothing like other purchases you'll make. Understanding the importance of this event, we've established unique solutions for our buyers. Closing is a time-consuming and challenging procedure. Our White and Blue Title team will strive to provide you with an outstanding service at the lowest price possible.

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The sellers’ perspective

Solutions For Sellers

One reason to hire an established company with a successful history in the real estate market is to ensure that your sale goes smoothly and efficiently. The expert staff at White and Blue Title is dedicated to ensuring that your needs are entirely and accurately represented.

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Estate Estate
Landers Landers

The landers’ perspective

Solutions For Investors

White and Blue Title solutions for real estate lenders, originators, servicers, and investors can help you increase efficiency, reduce loan cycle time, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction. We're the partner you can count on to surpass your goals and provide the most incredible experience for your borrowers.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Client profile image

    Mike Jenner

    White and Blue Title is an incredible firm to work with. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable in all things real estate, they work quickly and are extremely responsive. If you have ever worked with an attorney before, you know these are two of the most important aspects of a client/attorney relationship. Mandel cares about the success.

  • Client profile image

    Uri Redler

    The service was professional and they escorted me in every step of the way. Judah was nice and friendly and made sure I get what I wanted. I highly recommend them and I am currently using them on some other real estate matters I have.

  • Client profile image

    Dolev Berkovitch

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality,
    Responsiveness, Value

    Judah is one of the best lawyers! Always there to solve any needs. Great guy to work with. Highly recommended

  • Client profile image

    Mike Jenner

    I love the atmosphere at the White and Blue Title; everyone is so warm and dedicated.

  • Client profile image

    Uri Redler

    Their online services are truly handy.