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January 31, 2024

Copyright in the Age of AI: Challenges and Solutions

Copyright law shields businesses of all sizes, preserving a spectrum of creations from intricate software to catchy slogans. It bestows exclusive rights like reproduction and distribution. However, a crucial stipulation emerges: creations must originate from human effort, not AI algorithms.


By early 2023, the U.S. Copyright Office halted AI-generated copyrights. Kris Kashtanova’s loss of copyright for her AI-assisted graphic novel, “Zarya of the Dawn,” underscored this stance.


The U.S. Supreme Court has emphasized human authorship, igniting debate: should the U.S. outright ban AI copyrights or enforce conditional allowances?


Navigating Copyright Challenges in the Age of AI-Generated Content: An  Uncharted Legal Landscape - Areness - Law & Beyond


Proposed Solutions:


1. “Blanket Ban” Approach: AI’s unchecked nature raises concerns as it can incorporate copyrighted material without consent, prompting legal battles. Advocates push for a “blanket ban” on AI-related copyright applications to safeguard original creations.


2. Copyright under Defined Conditions: AI offers efficiency, especially for small businesses. Advocates suggest granting copyright protection for AI-aided creations with strict usage thresholds. This approach empowers small businesses to safeguard their works while embracing AI technology.

As copyright law adapts to AI’s evolution, uncertainties loom. We invite discourse on this evolving frontier.


As AI evolves, businesses must evolve their defenses against copyright infringements. For copyright evaluation or assistance, reach out to White and Blue Title at 305-900-5996.


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