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Category: <span>Useful Tips</span>

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Closing the insurance coverage gap in risky coastal areas

With climate change intensifying and coastal areas becoming increasingly affected, how will people in those areas secure insu- rance coverage? The lack of robust coverage options in coastal regions is a result of many insurers leaving these areas due to the high risks involved. The coastal insurance landscape   There has been a significant exodus of … Continued

Hurricane Ian Resources

Information to Help You in the Aftermath of Hurricane Ian We have gathered resources and info to help you recover and rebuild — including FEMA help, small-business loans, unemployment assistance and more.   Latest disaster updates   License renewal deadline extended again. DBPR Secretary Melanie S. Griffin issued an emergency order to extend the renewal deadline … Continued

Housing Market Potential Adjusting to Post-Pandemic Norm, According to First American Potential Home Sales Model

  As the housing market adjusts to a post-pandemic norm with higher mortgage rates, housing market potential will subside from recent highs, but those highs were the exception and not the norm, says Chief Economist Mark Fleming   June 2022 Potential Home Sales Potential existing-home sales decreased to a 5.47 million seasonally adjusted annualized rate (SAAR), … Continued

What first time buyers should know before making an offer

Assisting a first time buyer as they complete a home purchase is a big responsibility that requires both hard knowledge and soft skills. When it comes to making an offer, even experienced homebuyers need reminders. Here are the most important things you need to make sure homebuyers knows before they make an offer.   Comparable … Continued

Title insurance is essential. Here’s why

As we approach the beginning of home-buying season, with many buyers deciding on the purchase of their largest investment yet, title insurance is essential, giving homebuyers peace of mind and confidence that their property rights are protected.   The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the way we view our homes. Practically overnight, our homes became our … Continued

ARM Demand Hits 14-Year High

More home buyers are reaching for the ARMs. Adjustable-rate mortgages generally offer a lower introductory mortgage rate that is locked in for five, seven, or 10 years before then adjusting.   As mortgage rates rapidly rise, some buyers may be getting priced out, unless they lock in an ARM, which may have an introductory rate … Continued

What’s the Difference Between a Title and a Deed?

Purchasing real estate will likely introduce you to several unfamiliar terms. Although most people mistakenly believe titles and property deeds are the same, they actually refer to two separate legal concepts. You will hold both the deed and title when you own a property entirely. A title is different from a deed. Mixing the two … Continued