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We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with our real estate closing and title insurance services.

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Our Services

  • Residential Settlement Fee

    Determining a transaction fee when transferring residential property ownership from seller to buyer.

  • Commercial Settlement Fee

    Determining a transaction fee when transferring commercial property ownership from seller to buyer.

  • Full Title Search

    Evaluating the ownership and claims on a piece of real property before the transaction is completed.

  • Municipal Lien Search

    Unrecorded liens, violations, special assessments, and utility difficulties can all be found in the context of residential or commercial real estate.

  • O&E Search

    You will receive a copy of the most recent deed in the chain of title as well as relevant pages from any mortgages that have not been discharged.

  • Short Sale Processing

    Submitting a proposal to the lender in order to sell your property for less than the outstanding mortgage sum.


What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Client profile image

    Mike Jenner

    White and Blue Title is an incredible firm to work with. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable in all things real estate, they work quickly and are extremely responsive. If you have ever worked with an attorney before, you know these are two of the most important aspects of a client/attorney relationship. Mandel cares about the success.

  • Client profile image

    Uri Redler

    The service was professional and they escorted me in every step of the way. Judah was nice and friendly and made sure I get what I wanted. I highly recommend them and I am currently using them on some other real estate matters I have.

  • Client profile image

    Dolev Berkovitch

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality,
    Responsiveness, Value

    Judah is one of the best lawyers! Always there to solve any needs. Great guy to work with. Highly recommended

  • Client profile image

    Mike Jenner

    I love the atmosphere at the White and Blue Title; everyone is so warm and dedicated.

  • Client profile image

    Uri Redler

    Their online services are truly handy.

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